Five ways to boost your company stories

meetingCompany communications are a great way to share news, experiences and important information in a dynamic, conversational style. Whether printed or online, magazines or newsletters, you will want to maximise the impact your news makes on colleagues and customers. But often, the best stories don’t make it or you fail to do them justice because you miss a few key ingredients.

Here are some tips to help employee and customer stories gain the recognition they undoubtedly deserve with better coverage in company publications:

1. Take a photo. Camera phone images are usually fine for print quality if the image resolution is set high – check the size and format your publication prefers. A story supplied with good photos often grabs premium space on news pages and is more likely to be read.

2. Better still, film a short video clip if your company publishes online versions of its magazine. Keep clips short so they need minimal editing and check the preferred file format.

3. If your story involves customers, get them engaged and enthusiastic about contributing. Make sure you ask for their contact details to follow up and check  approval on what you plan to say about them (always very important). Offer to share the story with them – they will probably have their own company publication so could double your coverage.

4. Don’t forget to make a note of important details that you may need to chase up later for a stronger story and be careful about using sensitive company information.

5. Finally, remember to add colour. Capture the true feel of an event or activity so the story creates a vivid picture for readers. One of the most direct ways is to obtain colleagues’ comments or add anecdotal snippets detailing humorous and informal moments. People love stories about other people.

Think what you would like to read in a story about life in your organisation and you’ll be halfway there. Give us a call and we’ll get you going.