Engineering a brighter future

It’s possibly no surprise that the acquisition of Peter Brett Associates (PBA) by multinational Stantec two years ago went largely unnoticed beyond industry observers. “That’s typical of us,” the company’s UK CEO Paul Reilly told Tim Wickham. “We tend to keep our achievements to ourselves and don’t spend time shouting about them. We just focus on solving planning and construction challenges and supporting our clients.”

Stantec project: Reading’s iconic Christchurch pedestrian and cycle bridge over the river Thames

Key quotes:

On growth: “We had reached the point where we were well known for our community development projects, supporting residential and regeneration schemes, and our innovative planning and transport infrastructure work. Our strategic insight and vision for places were highly regarded. But as we became more engaged in larger scale project delivery, we found we weren’t always able to match the scale of our competitors.”

On carbon emissions: For us, it’s about taking carbon out of construction design processes, for example, by reducing the amount of steel and concrete used. It’s also about reinventing and regenerating town centres, so land and buildings support more health facilities, social housing and amenities.”

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