Continue the conversation after your conference

handshakeEverybody agrees your conference was a massive success. Handshakes and high fives all round. New opportunities abound with a stack of business cards and email addresses to personalise communication with your new fans.

You have confirmed people are happy to receive information from you in the future. So what now?

Your audience of customers and prospects will expect something useful from you. Your communications must deliver value to them. A great way to start or continue business relationships at this crucial point is with a post-event publication.

A magazine or newsletter summarising what was said provides delegates with a handy summary of the event, especially sessions they may have missed, in an easily digestible format. Even better, you can send the publication to people who couldn’t attend as well as prospects to entice them to your next event.

You can build stronger client relationships after conferences and seminars by:

• Sharing your knowledge leadership – capture and present your key messages plus information discussed and shared on the day. As well as your own experts you are likely to have involved external speakers, whose influential opinions you can include. Often, the key highlights at events are the informal, unscripted elements such as Q&A sessions. These can be summarised for publication if you have someone there to report on them.

• Keep the communication going – publications provide essential follow-up contact that should create lasting interest in your organisation, especially for people who couldn’t attend your event.

A magazine, newsletter or brochure is a great way to add extra value in your mix of customer engagement activities. At EDG, our writers, photographers and designers can rapidly create impactful content and images from events to produce a timely publication that captures the flavour of the day and acts as a memorable reminder of your industry-leading views.

Really, it couldn’t be easier for you. Contact us and we’ll show you how

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